Through continual recruiting efforts, Infinity Talent Solutions works with experienced attorneys and support staff in all areas of the law, healthcare and information technology. A partial list includes intellectual property, real estate, civil/commercial litigation, bankruptcy, collections, labor & employment, family and criminal law … and many more. Our candidates have proven stability with law firms, government agencies and corporations nationwide. We utilize a strong referral network to recruit passive candidates who are not actively seeking a job, but are open to making a career change.

We anticipate the needs of our clients, and recruit the best candidates on a proactive basis. When a potential candidate applies to an advertised position, we review his or her resume, keeping only about 25% of qualified applicants for consideration – only the best of the best. Our talent acquisition specialists then screen the applicant to gauge their professionalism, qualifications, maturity, work ethic and general attitude.

Our applicants complete a general employment questionnaire and other paperwork including tax forms and an authorization for a background check.

Our candidates are then tested on their job and computer skills in various software programs such as Word, Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint, etc. Infinity Talent uses a national testing company with an arsenal of tests, which are tailored to the client and the requirements of a specific position.

Before any candidates are presented we verify: credentials, bar licensure, employment history including job performance and most importantly candidate profiling to ensure a proper business relationship between the candidate and the hiring employer.

Our talent acquisition specialists conduct an in-depth interview with each candidate to determine exactly what they are looking for in their job search and then we thoughtfully match them to the positions for which they are most qualified and capable. This is the most important factor in the placement process. The tests and interviews eliminate another 25% of the applicants who “passed” the previous parts of the process.

Infinity Talent Solutions contacts former employment references to verify letters of professional reference and prior employment to ensure employers have positive comments about the candidate, their work product and work ethic. We also ensure that each reference is a supervisory or managerial position.

We understand that the correct selection of staff members can improve your productivity, efficiency, and the general harmony in the office. It is our goal to assist your office with building an exceptional team at an affordable rate. Best of all, we do not earn a fee unless you decide to hire our candidate.

Infinity Talent Solutions will then refer only the most qualified candidates for each position.  We realize that our clients are looking for more than just experience.  We seek individuals with experience, integrity, strong work ethic, longevity, tenure and the personality that fits with the firm or company’s culture and environment.  This combination brings to our client the most qualified, loyal, hard-working employees in the job market today.  We stand behind our confidence in the candidate and this is reflected by our one-time guaranteed replacement policy.

O U R   C O M M I T M E N T S:


We meet with you to learn about your business and company culture, discussing your specific staffing needs.


We dedicate sufficient time to create a detailed position profile, presentation, and search plan.


We screen each candidate’s skills, experience and ambitions by interviews and testing.


We deliver highly-vetted candidates and work closely during the interview process to secure the right candidate.

Infinity Talent Solutions exclusive: Exceptional Candidates

We believe the qualifications and capabilities of all our candidates are unmatched. But we recognize that even among top performers, a select few will rise above the rest. We are fortunate to represent these Exceptional Candidates, and are pleased to be able to present them for your consideration.