Candidate Services - Infinity Talent Solutions

Infinity Talent Solutions understands that the goal for you – the candidate – is to find a rewarding job. Not just any job, but your next professional career move. We partner with you to assist you in finding the perfect position.

This includes
  • Area of law
  • Culture & Environment
  • Geographical location
  • Total compensation package
  • There is never a fee to you, the candidate, for our services

By providing us with as much information as possible, we are able to market your skills and experience to any employer of your choice.

Our talent acquisition specialists have extensive experience in the legal and recruitment fields, and combined with your education and experience, we are able to work together harmoniously for a stable, secure, and long-term relationship with you and your next employer.

Infinity Talent Solutions conducts a thorough interview with the Managing Partner or Hiring Authority of our clients. This allows us to give the most complete information possible to our candidates to help them make the very important decision of where they choose to work.

To register with us, please complete the candidate questionnaire form by clicking the button below and upload your resume in a Word document.  Within 48 hours, one of our talent acquisition specialists will contact you to begin the interview process.


As part of our screening process, you will be requested to complete any testing that is appropriate in your field, or those that have been requested by our clients. After testing and interviewing, if we are confident in you, we will submit your resume and refer you to our clients.

O U R  C O M M I T M E N T S:


Resumes are reviewed by our expert recruiters who screen for the skill sets that our client companies seek.


We evaluate job-critical skills using in-depth interviews, computer testing and portfolio reviews.


Candidates interview in our office to share their experience, career goals, and accomplishments.


Qualified candidates are aligned with opportunities from our vast network of client companies.